There's not a great deal of history about on t'internet for this place! It was originally a three or possibly four star hotel, and it appears from a thank you card we found on the premises that it was still functioning as recently as 2006. During our exploration we found a commode chair in one of the bedrooms and that rather suggests to me that perhaps the hotel was geared up for pensioners and very elderly and infirm guests, but it's not conclusive.

As can also be seen from this lovely postcard on the right it has been around for quite some time so what caused it's demise and subsequent slide into dereliction we have no definitive answer, only a theory. My best guess then would be that's it's all down to the huge change in the holiday habits of the British public beginning in the early 1970s with the advent of the cheap package holiday on the Costa del Sol et all - lets face it, when you have the choice of a room in a hotel on a wet and windy Welsh beach for a week, or basking in sun, blue sea and sangria for half the money, then where are you going to go? For a time the diehards, especially pensioners who are often very set in their ways and have been frequenting the hotel for years, will have continued to go back, but eventually it will have become prohibitively expensive to run and profit returns will have begun to collapse exponentially, prices will have been hiked, and finally a point will have been reached where it could no longer continue without a huge change in direction.

And clearly that was not forthcoming.

What is sad to see is that the chavs and pykeys have moved in to the place in double quick time and trashed and thieved there way around the building so comprehensively that there won't be much left worth bothering with very soon. The floors are precarious in the extreme and at times it's possible to see a drop before you of three to four floors - quite unnerving as you can perhaps imagine.

A short distance just down the road is a small college and it's associated accommodation block. The college looks as though it is still in use, not so the accommodation block. We were going to have a mooch around that too but I didn't fancy the rather precarious climb just to get in to see what amounts to a few halls and corridors and empty bedrooms! 

All in all then a very disappointing explore. But hey! You can't win 'em all!

Here is a selection of the photographs we took on our visit to Saint David's Hotel.

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The hotel's sign is getting lost in the overgrown hedges now.
Around the back the impact of the vandalism is apparent.
In the basement function room/disco.
Strange mutations in the Welsh hills...
The remains of a pool table.
Kids will be kids... more is the pity.
The ground floor corridor.
I'll resist the temptation to make the obvious comment.
This area is thoroughly trashed.
Optic supports in the bar.
Gratuitous self portrait by TJ!
What's your poison?
Taking in the view!
...and bl**dy bleak it is too!
Even the floorboards have been stolen.
A rather touching card TJ found.
The lounge behind reception.
Bay windows.
Moving on...
On the first floor now.
A bedroom corridor.
What's she framing?
Ooooo! Art!
The balcony over the reception lounge.
The dunes and the golf course.
Good, solid Welsh stone.
Gratuitous self portrait time again!
The lift cage.
Considering this was pitch black...
Sonyes (Carl) framing up.
And this is our orange bedroom...
Lacey and spacey...
Red curtains!
OK I will...
Glad I didn't put my shoulder to it though!
A commode chair in a hotel???
The lift cage again...
A top floor bedroom.
Time to go...

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