Blackburn Royal Infirmary, Lancashire - July 2011



What is it with Whittingham Asylum and us? We got up at Stupid-o-clock this morning and drove over to Goosenargh only to find that they've erected a fc*k off galvanised steel fence around every bit of the asylum we tried to gain access through INCLUDING the quiet way in more than half a mile away over at the back!

OK... every urb-ex-er should have a fall back site - for us it was Blackburn Royal Infirmary. Despite it being very close to home we've not been there before today, treatment trips and patient visits excepted, so it definitely merited a look see.

They've already demolished a serious part of the site and reduced it to mounds of brick dust but several wards and a couple of operating theatres are still intact in the main block together with the rotunda and the residents accommodation. Sadly it's been badly chavved up already and I think lots of stuff has been nicked... it doesn't help that there's a pikey encampment less than 300 yards away across the road either.

So... I'm not going to bore you with shed loads of detail, I'll just show you our piccies instead.





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